Return & Refund Policy

The option for product returns is not available within our policy framework. Instead, we exclusively offer the possibility of product replacement or exchange. Should any discrepancies arise with the product received, customers are encouraged to engage with our designated channels to facilitate the exchange or replacement process, ensuring their satisfaction with their selection. Our company extends an exchange policy spanning a duration of 15 days. Within this stipulated timeframe, customers possess the opportunity to initiate the process of exchanging the purchased product for an alternative selection. This policy is designed to accommodate situations where customers seek to modify their choice due to preferences, specifications, or other considerations. It is important to adhere to the specified timeframe to avail the benefits of this exchange provision. It is pertinent to note that there is a possibility of incurring supplementary charges in certain instances. These additional charges may become applicable under specific circumstances, which could include factors such as product variations, specifications, or particular service requirements. Customers are advised to consult the pertinent information and seek clarification from our support channels to gain a comprehensive understanding of the potential additional charges associated with their particular exchange or transaction. The feasibility of an exchange is contingent solely upon the scenario wherein the product delivered exhibits defects. In such cases, an exchange can be facilitated, permitting customers to obtain a replacement product that adheres to the expected quality standards. This exchange provision is specifically tailored to address instances where the received product does not meet the anticipated functionality or condition. The eligibility for an exchange is confined to instances where the product in question presents a manufacturing defect. In such circumstances, customers are entitled to seek an exchange, allowing for the procurement of a replacement product that is devoid of the identified manufacturing flaw. This exchange mechanism is aligned with our commitment to ensuring that customers receive products of impeccable quality and functionality. The Refund Process and Policies delineate the framework under which refunds are processed for eligible transactions conducted with Amatech. This comprehensive policy outlines the timelines, criteria, and procedural aspects related to refund issuance, underscoring transparency, fairness, and customer satisfaction.

Refund Eligibility:

Refunds are exclusively granted for transactions that satisfy specific criteria as outlined in our policy. These criteria encompass scenarios where the product received is defective, does not align with the specifications indicated, or experiences shipping-related damages.

Refund Initiation:

To initiate the refund process, customers are required to communicate the issue to our customer service channels within a stipulated timeframe. This prompt reporting is vital in expediting the resolution process and ensuring that the eligibility criteria are met.

Refund Timeline:

Upon confirmation of the refund eligibility, customers can expect the refund process to commence within 15 to 30 working days. This timeline encompasses the necessary administrative steps, financial reconciliations, and processing on our end, as well as potential banking processing times.

Payment Reversal Method:

Refunds are generally processed through the original payment method utilized during the transaction. Customers are advised to review their bank or payment gateway statements for the refunded amount, as it may be reflected under a distinct transaction descriptor.

Refund Exceptions:

It is important to note that certain circumstances may render products ineligible for refund. These include instances where the product has been opened, used, or altered in a manner that deviates from the prescribed usage guidelines.

Refund Process Communication:

Customers are kept informed at various stages of the refund process through official communication channels. Notifications regarding refund initiation, processing, and completion are relayed to ensure transparency and keep customers updated.

Refund Verification:

In some cases, verification procedures may be required before proceeding with the refund. This could involve product inspection, documentation review, or other necessary steps to ascertain the validity of the refund claim.

Policy Amendments:

Amatech reserves the right to amend or update the Refund Process and Policies as deemed necessary. Customers are advised to refer to the latest version of the policy available on our official website to remain apprised of any changes. In conclusion, the Refund Process and Policies establish a structured framework that governs the refund process, aligning with our commitment to customer satisfaction and transparency. By adhering to these guidelines, both Amatech and its customers contribute to a seamless and equitable refund process that upholds the principles of integrity, accountability, and customer-centricity. Amatech’s liability disclaimer states that any damage occurring at a customer’s location or any setting where our product is employed absolves Amatech, fairylife.in, and it’s affiliated entities of any responsibility or claims, including insurance matters. Customers acknowledge their commitment to using the product with due diligence, taking all necessary precautions for their safety, and refrain from attributing liability to Amatech or its associated entities. This provision ensures that customers assume personal responsibility for the usage of the product and relieve Amatech of any related obligations.